Set for All Seasons

Set for All Seasons

Code: stk-dining-all-seasons

Price: $8,400.00


You're set for the year with this wonderful dining table in warm and earthy tones has colorful icons representing each of the four seasons! The motif is illustrated through scenes like a cozy cottage in the snow, a warm spring day to fly a kite as well as icons of birds, flowers, holly and leaves. Each of the six milled chairs has a different design on it: A sun, a moon and a vine for each season: autumn leaves, spring and summer flowers, and wintry pinecones. Words of wisdom, love, and encouragement surround the outer rim of the table "Go out for adventure, come home for love" , "Enjoy Nature", "Eat good food and share", "Laugh a lot" among many others!

Dimensions: Table is 60"W 30"H, Chairs are 18" to seat