Fun in the Sun Dining Set

Fun in the Sun Dining Set

Code: stk-dining-fun-in-sun

Price: $5,650.00


This dazzling table is sure to brighten your day. Wood stained a warm orangey-red really makes the carved and painted yellow spiral sun pop at the center of the table. Carved and painted green leaves frame the sun and create a border to the next concentric circle of soft orange. The next ring is an underwater scene of ocean blue with shells, starfish and sea grasses. Next is a bold black and white checkered border and finally, a border of wonderful phrases and expressions. Cherish Family and Friends, Play Games, Watch Sunsets...Four colorful orange and yellow milled chairs feature a different shell on each seat. The bold checkered border accents the chairs as well as the base of the table.

Table is 48"W 30"H, Chairs are 18" to seat