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SKU: D7_00010008 Green Scene Dining Set

Green Scene Dining Set
Purchase Green Scene Dining Set
  • SKU: D7_00010008 Green Scene Dining Set

  • $8,140.00
A beach scene is center stage on this vibrant lime green table. Sun, sand, and sailboats surround the cool blue ocean. A garland of seashells and leaves borders the central scene, and the outer edge of the table features words and phrases on a peach background with a bold black and white checkered border. Sail away, Love life at the shore, Take long walks on the beach, and Build sandcastles are among the words carved into the table. A sturdy orange pedestal with more seashells and a base of blue, yellow, teal, grass green and a continuation of the black and white checkered pattern. Each of the four chairs features a beach scene on the chair top, a moon on the chair seat, and the words "Share, Dream, Relax, Celebrate" carved in script on the chair backs.

60"W 42"D 30"H With Milled Single Pedestal with four chairs at 18.5"W 22"D 42"H