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SKU: D7_00006017 Subtle Shift of Seasons Table
Subtle Shift of Seasons Table
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  • SKU: D7_00006017 Subtle Shift of Seasons Table

  • $4,450.00
Sticks Handmade | Subtle Shift of Seasons Table
Seasons shift seamlessly into one another in this dining table from the artists at Sticks. At the very center of the table, the four seasons are depicted in images on a deep blue background: The summer sun setting over a lake, fields of brown and burnt umber with leaves gently falling in the autumn. Snow capped trees and wintry hills under a crescent moon and shooting star, and spring blooms blossom. Gorgeous mahogany stained wood surrounds the central framed image, and at two corners a bouquet of seasonal botanicals bursts onto the scene. Words of wit and wisdom are carved into the blonde-wood edge of the table. The botanical vines extend over the side of the table and down two opposing legs. Bold stripes of black and yellow decorate the bottom of each sturdy milled table leg. A blue scalloped border on the bottom edge of the table top adds a touch of whimsey.

  • Measures:48" W x 48" D x 30" H