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SKU: STK-flowers-cushioned-ottoman-chair Flowers Cushioned Ottoman Chair
Flowers Cushioned Ottoman Chair
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  • SKU: STK-flowers-cushioned-ottoman-chair Flowers Cushioned Ottoman Chair

  • $7,295.00
Sticks Handmade | Flowers Cushioned Ottoman Chair
This chair is a more elegant and classy one which would fit perfectly in your library. With the feet support and the 28 diameter, you have more comfort when doing any of your favorite activities. You can use it as a piece of art to add color to your home and a cozy place to relax.

This piece is so colorful, so vibrant with its cheerful flowers. The colors are well combined and well chosen by the artist, with the sincere intention of giving you a nice mood for the rest of the day. On the back of the chair there is a beautiful view representing the two parts of a day: daytime and nighttime. To express the daytime the artist painted the traditional scenery of the sun hiding behind the hills, and the moon with its stars for the nighttime. Both stages of the day are combined with the grass of different shades of green, the house among the trees, and the lake.