Hug And Peace Height Seats

Hug And Peace Height Seats

Code: stk-hug-and-peace-height-seats

Price: $1,840.00


These bar height stools will bring a nice touch anywhere youll place them. They would do great in a seaside or 70's style type of bar or room. The optimistic messages plus the colors used in painting these chairs bring an instant joy to anyone who sees them. Used as furniture or design, they make the entire room stand out.

The bar seats come with ice blue colored foot support and blue legs. The top of the chairs bring you inspirational messages: Live now, Make each moment count, Kiss and Hug, Go Sail, Be a Friends, Laugh a Lot, Walk on the beach, Make Peace, Inspire, Relax, Build Castles, Breathe, and Sing Reflect. Both chairs have a seaside theme as the background colors suggest a sunrise (yellow) and sunset (red). They have a seashell, dragonfly, flower, and a starfish painted on each surface of the seat.