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SKU: 2016 Sticks Love Vermont Medium Mirror
Sticks Love Vermont Medium Mirror
Purchase Sticks Love Vermont Medium Mirror
  • SKU: 2016 Sticks Love Vermont Medium Mirror

  • $1,095.00

Sticks Handmade | Love Vermont Mirror

This beautiful handmade mirror celebrates everything we love about Vermont! It mixes peaceful blues and purples with warm oranges and yellows on a natural wood base. The icons bordering the mirror glass feature falling leaves, a dancing couple, a snowman, a car in the mountains, a field in Autumn, a family watching a fire, a dog in a canoe, sports equipment, a moon over hills, and a person taking a hike. The rounded top shows the four seasons. The bottom shows leaves in all four seasons.

The following positive messages are featured around the mirror: Love Vermont - Accept change - Dance - Live life to the fullest - Go places - Enjoy the seasons - Embrace family and friends - Relax - Play - Wish on a star - Know nature. Mirror top can be made rounded, peaked, flat or mountain-topped. Please indicate if you would like a different top than pictured.

  • Measures: 24" W x 33" H.