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SKU: STK-marine-cushioned-seats Marine Cushioned Seats
Marine Cushioned Seats
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  • SKU: STK-marine-cushioned-seats Marine Cushioned Seats

  • $1,564.00

Sticks Handmade | Marine Cushioned Seats

These two short seats can really make a difference in your house interior design. Simple and yet impressive, they are the accessory you need in a vintage type of room. Also, because of the cushioned leather seat, you can have extra comfort on them. They are big and strong enough for both children and adults, and also small enough to fit in the smallest spaces.

Simple at a first sight and yet still effective in making a room stand out. Both chairs have a rather vintage look. On the top of one chair you can see the painting of a seashell and on the other one a white flower. They are equipped with cushions to give you the comfort you want.