Mountain View Bench

Mountain View Bench

Code: stk-mountain-view-bench

Price: $3,622.50


This wooden bench is not just any bench. The contrast of wood with hand-painted landscapes and the optimistic messages make this an exception piece of art. Place it on your porch or themed room and it will certainly make an improvement on the your interior design. With a 24 inch diameter, 52 inches wide, and the cushioned leather seat, it brings extra comfort to enjoy at its full potential.

On this bench, you have the representation of a mountainous landscape at nighttime painted on the backrest, while on the seat you have a house between the trees, high hills, and mountains with snow on them during the day. On the back of it there is a house among the trees in the mountainous landscape painted in a heart shape, and at the extremities you have the sun and the moon. The messages Laugh a lot, Kiss and hug, Sit and dream, Reflect, Go out for adventure, Come home for love give a positive vibe.