Round Vermont Four Seasons Table

Round Vermont Four Seasons Table

Code: stk-round-table-vt-seasons

Price: $3,454.00


This beautiful round table is sure to bring family and friends together for good food and conversation for lifetimes. Depicting the Vermont seasons, this Sticks table is sure to warm up and space!

Each season is thoughtfully depicted. The sky is a beautiful orange and red with a sun, moon, and clouds tastefully placed. Winter is shown the a classic A-frame home, snow, and rolling hills that beg you to sled down them! Spring and summer bring details such as a maple tree being tapped, a blue bird with a flower in it's beak, a Vermont covered bridge, and rows of fertile farm fields. The fall scene depicts the best of Vermont- pumpkins, apples, and the promise of another great winter.

The table is round, measuring 48 inches in diameter and 30 inches high.