Sit And Read A Book Chair

Sit And Read A Book Chair

Code: stk-sit-and-read-a-book-chair

Price: $3,381.00


Whether you choose to use this chair for reading, relaxation, or for boosting your interior decor it will surely make a statement. It is a unique piece of art that features inspiring messages and hand-painted reading details. With its medium size and soft colors, it will find its place easily anywhere in your house.

The messages: Sit and read a book, Read the classics and Share and the paintings shape around of a reading theme. On the padding face of the chair you can see a painted combination of two stars, a flower, a heart, a book, the moon, and a leaf, but the real spotlight consists in one picture: the boy reading the book. You can see it on the back of the chair, giving a sense of relaxation, happiness and it encourages you to read more good books.