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SKU: STK-stool-smores Toast S'Mores Stool Seat
Toast S'Mores Stool Seat
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  • SKU: STK-stool-smores Toast S'Mores Stool Seat

  • $609.50

Sticks Handmade | Toast S'Mores Stool Seat

This wood short stool will give your room the touch of color it needs. When you don't use it as a chair, you can use it as a table, or decorative piece. Plus with the optimistic messages around the paintings you can use them as an inspiration for every day. It will not only make your place look lovely but it will feed your soul too.

On the top wood of this short stool you can observe multiple paint frames, each of them representing different things, such as the picture of the sun, the moon, the sunset with the two chairs, fruits, bonfire, flowers, a wood cabin, and a pigeon. But all together they are forming the summer days & nights theme. Around the theme there are the messages Watch sunsets, Toast s'mores, Walk in the woods, Explore nature, Go out for adventure, Come home for love, Smell the flowers, and Dream.