Live Life to the Fullest Small Mirror

Live Life to the Fullest Small Mirror

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Price: $825.00


Live life to the fullest- shouldn't we all? That's what this handmade wooden mirror from the makers of Sticks Object Art & Furniture has on the top. It's a message we should always live by. This bright and lively small handmade wooden mirror from Sticks is brimming with cheer, encouragement, and whimsy. The top of the peaked mirror has a lake scene with a sail boat and big yellow sun. Next to it is a little white A-frame tucked into the woods with a moon and stars above. To the far right is a classic Vermont barn with rolling hills, tree and a crop field. Along the sides of the mirror features some of Sticks most popular and well known icons. They say "Know Love, "Go Places", "Cherish Family", "Grow", "Set Goals", "Be a Star", "Accept Change", "Believe", "Enjoy Nature", & "Dream". The bottom of the mirror has a classic Sticks art motif of a red heart with laurel greens around it.

This small mirror is handmade, hand stained, hand burned and painted by the artisans at Sticks, in Iowa. The mirror measures 19 inches wide, 29 inches tall and 1.75 inches deep. The openign of the mirror itself is 9 inches x 17 inches.