Treasure Map Cushioned Seats

Treasure Map Cushioned Seats

Code: treasure-map-cushioned-seats

Price: $1,564.00


Your kids will absolutely love it! Hand-painted as a treasure map, you can find different usages to these short seats. What was a seat or a decorative piece in a theme room, it is now a toy for your children. They have 18 inch diameters and are 18 inches wide, so you can use them as regular comfy seats.

Letís start the search for the magic treasure! If you like adventures, these pirate chairs are the chairs you need. On the cushions you can see the map that leads you to a treasure. On one of them you can see that the treasure (marked with X) is located on an island while on the other chair the treasure is situated on the mainland. Also, the gray water and the waves suggest a storm about to come.