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SKU: VARIANTS Two Ravens in Black and White
Two Ravens in Black and White
Purchase Two Ravens in Black and White
  • SKU: VARIANTS Two Ravens in Black and White

  • $139.00
CJ Hockett | Two Ravens

A symbol of affection! Two common ravens are captured in a moment of time, allo-grooming as part of their courtship ritual. Ravens also symbolize wisdom, healing powers and longevity, and would bring a vision of love to any home.

CJ Hockett’s Two Ravens is a luminous metal print created by infusing dyes directly into a lightweight, specially coated aluminum sheet for a satin finish. It floats half an inch off the wall for a modern sculptural look. 

  • 10x8, 19x13 or 24x16
  • Waterproof & scratch resistant
  • Ready to hang, indoors or outside away from direct sunlight 
  • Care instructions: clean with a microfiber cloth with water & a mild detergent; keep prints in plastic when storing.
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