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SKU: VARIANTS Wiener Brewing
Wiener Brewing
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  • SKU: VARIANTS Wiener Brewing

  • $95.00
Ryan Fowler | Wiener Brewing

A black wiener dog carrys two beers on his back. The logo for the wiener brewing company.

Wiener Brewing is a professional quality giclee print on canvas. The canvas is stretch wrapped around a 1.5 inch deep wood frame. When you look at the side of the print, you see the image continuing all around the frame. The frame is built in so this print is ready to hang on your wall. It is also available in several sizes. Create your own personalized pet potrait! There are several customization options available for this print - write your requests in the 'comments' section at checkout.

  • 12x12, 16x16 - 1.5" deep frame
  • Giclee print on canvas
  • Ready to hang
  • Customizable