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SKU: VARIANTS Winter's Gown - Limited Edition
Winter's Gown - Limited Edition
Purchase Winter's Gown - Limited Edition
  • SKU: VARIANTS Winter's Gown - Limited Edition

  • $225.00

William Hays | Winter's Gown - Limited Edition

Order soon! Winter's Gown by William H. Hays is a 7-color, 7x5 linoleum block, linocut print from a limited edition of 100. 

A gentle snowfall lands atop a barnyard fence. This print is almost exclusively monochromatic - even the wreath is gray - the huge red ribbon hugging the wreath creates stark contrast against the grays and blacks. The gentle bend of the aged wood and carved lines on the fence and barn lend a realistic texture to the piece.

“Winter in New England can be cold, snowy and monochromatic. But it is just these qualities which set my imagination to work. Every year a farmer near my home puts up a huge wreath on the side of his barn. The green of the evergreens quickly falls into a gray in the low light and cold. but the red ribbon continues to quietly stand above the harsh season.” ~ William Hays

This archival print in the edition is an original work of art and there are slight variations from one print to the next. 

  • 16x14 Framed; 14x12 Matted 
  • Hand printed on 100% rag paper using time-tested, oil-based inks that are gorgeous and rich in color; 1.25”w reddish-brown toned semi-glossy ready to hang wooden frame
  • Signed, numbered, and titled by the artist