Mammoth Tooth Folding Lockback Pocket Knife

Mammoth Tooth Folding Lockback Pocket Knife

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This unique and interesting handmade 3" folding lockback pocket knife is a great father's day gift, birthday gift, or even groomsmen present. Made with a woolly mammoth's tooth handle, this pocket knife is truly one of a kind and handmade.

The woolly mammoth tooth on this pocket knife is and extremely unique detail. Of all the animals that lived during the last Ice Age, the Woolly Mammoth is one of the best known. The material in this knife handle is actually a section of a tooth from a Woolly Mammoth - one that lived around 15,000 years ago. Because the materials are so unique, they are of limited supply from Siberia. We currently have a brown colored and blue colored folding pocket knives. Please select which one you would like above.