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Blue and Crystalline Glaze Pottery direct from the Bill Campbell Pottery Studio

Bill Campbell Pottery

About Campbell Pottery at Sowe Craft Gallery

It is food safe, high fired porcelain thicker and heavier than fine china. It is meant to be used and loved every day, not just for display. It may be put in the dishwasher, oven, and microwave. However, pottery is breakable and should be protected from obvious shocks like dropping it and from sudden changes in temperature. Uneven heating can cause it to crack.


Bill Campbell began making his pottery over 30 years ago in an old power building he found near where he went to school. In 1974, Bill Campbell received a BFA in Art from Pennsylvania's Edinboro University. At that time, he was 36. All through school he had been scrimping and saving every penny in order to someday build his own pottery studio. At first you could only find Campbell Pottery at craft fairs. Over time galleries like Stowe Craft in Vermont began carrying his functional porcelain pottery. Now, Campbell is nationally recognized as a Master Potter. He specializes in functional work with elegant forms and richly colored glazes.

Campbell's Artist Statement:

My motive in making pottery is not terribly noble. I merely try to cause a little celebration in everyday living.

You can't imagine what I feel when my customers tell me how much they enjoy using one of my pots in their daily routine.

When designing pots, I am always aware of the possibilities and limitations of the wonderful/dreadful layered glaze I employ. An enigmatic mistress, it is very fussy about the body upon which it resides. It often crawls, blisters and crazes and the color isn't always reliable. This means that everything must be technically perfect in order to achieve its full potential.

Bill Campbell