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Jeanne Amato Woodcut Prints

Re-imagining the art of woodcut printing

Vermont's Natural Beauty

“The ancient tradition of the block print is receiving a new interpretation in Jeanne Amato’s hands.” Sabra Field, Vermont Printmaker

Jeanne studied printmaking with John E. Roberts at Keene State College and has been living in Vermont since 1986. Vermont's natural beauty has been a clear inspiration in her work. The emphasis on lighting and mood gives her work a sense of place that is difficult to achieve in woodblock prints. The rich colors, the deep shadows, the attention to detail, and the brilliant lighting are all techniques she has perfected for decades. Hanging a print by Jeanne Amato on your wall feels like looking through a Vermont window. Jeanne is Sabra Field's longtime assistant and collaborator and while signs of their tutelage can be seen in her prints, all of her work is entirely Jeanne Amato.

Jeanne Amato & Sabra Field

Jeanne assists retired Vermont printmaker Sabra Field and helps fulfill customer orders. Please email Jeanne if you are interested in ordering a print by Sabra Field.