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Sergio Lub Copper + Magnetic Bracelets

Copper and Magnetic Bracelets for Health

Pure copper bracelets are especially known for their health benefits. The ones you see here are free of lead, mercury or other contaminants that are common in industrial grade copper wires. Copper is one of the friendliest elements as it combines with many others. To find copper this pure in nature is far more difficult than finding pure gold. Science has already proven that copper is essential for our health and is absorbed through the skin, so besides their beauty, our bracelets can also be considered a time-release source of an essential mineral.

Copper jewelry worn directly on skin has been used for a hundred years or more as a remedy for many ailments, including arthritis. Now, copper bracelets to ease joint and arthritis pain are ubiquitous in health food stores, and health magazines and catalogues. With the understanding that copper deficiency can result in gray hair, skin wrinkles, crow's feet, varicose veins and saggy skin, copper has recently been touted as a "Fountain of Youth" for its ability to improve the elastic fiber in skin, increase skin flexibility, and act as an anti-wrinkle treatment. It has even been said to be able to return gray hair back to its natural color.

Magnetic Bracelets:

Many of the Sergio Lub bracelets have a strong magnet at each end.  Magnetic fields touching the wrists help to energize and boost the rate of circulation; stimulating nutrient rich blood flow thus invigorating your metabolism by oxygenating the organs providing muscle and tissue more oxygen for mental and physical vigor while accelerating the ridding of body wastes, flushing out unwanted toxins, releasing more endorphins, the body's natural pain killers promoting repair and stimulating faster healing; improving the bodies anti-infective activity and enhancing immunity; normalizes endocrine production by helping to regulate and balance endocrine functions; affecting enzyme production for reducing swelling, stiffness and the acidity from wounds helping in reducing inflammation; stimulating colla- gen density in and around joints proven in studies to heal bones & joints faster, to help alleviate chronic pain and invigorate overall well-being.

About Sergio Lub

Sergio Lub has traveled extensively in learning his craft. He has met and studied under master craftsmen from all over the world. He has dedicated his life to learning ancient metal working techniques and studying the deep beliefs behind wearing metals for health and vitality. These ancient and beautiful traditions are incorporated into each and every Sergio Lub design

Bracelet Care:

Sergio says "Our bracelets are made to be worn at all times and everywhere. We finish them with a thin layer of organic lacquer meant to wear off unnoticeably with use. If you wish to have immediate metal contact, simply wipe the inside of a bracelet with nail polish remover. All the metals we use are solid, with no platting to wear off, therefore any scratch or blemish can be easily removed with a polishing cloth, brass polish, or by rubbing with a lemon rind and ashes. The easiest way to keep our bracelets clean is by taking showers with them on. With this minimal care they should age gracefully with you and last for generations."

Every bracelet is handcrafted the old fashioned way, starting from solid metal wires. Sergio Lub never uses plating, casting or machine stamping, which are all industrial techniques that save time, but compromise quality.