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Sticks Handmade Furniture, Art & Decor

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Sticks Handmade Furniture-Decor-Art-Accessories at Remarkable Things- Stowe, Vermont

Come explore our colorful and inspiring collections of Sticks handmade art, furniture and accessory pieces. We feature many with a Vermont look and feel. Each of the 100s of pieces we stock and display is made to order for us by Sticks artists in Des Moines. Pieces usually turnover quickly and fresh, new designs take their place.

We are also expert at customizing all types of new Sticks pieces. Capturing a personal or special theme and incorporating it into a Sticks handmade table, mirror or lazy susan is a certain way to create a treasured heirloom or gift!

The Art of Making Sticks Handmade

Each piece is handcrafted and designed to order for us. Starting with a wood structure, the artist starts by drawing the words and images directly onto the piece. Then the drawing is engraved into the wood. Next, each color paint or stain is blended, and handpainted onto the structure. The colors are actually blended and mixed by the artist as the painting evolves, making each piece more unique. Finally, the design is sealed with layers of a clear, environmentally safe, protective coating.