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SKU: SUZ-Proj104BDF Industrial Modern Home Office
Industrial Modern Home Office
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  • SKU: SUZ-Proj104BDF Industrial Modern Home Office

Home Office for a Busy Doctor

For years, this doctor worked on ideas and designs for his perfect office. He wanted an efficient office to support his surgical work as well as his passion for inventing and educating others on how to use his inventions. He's always been proud of being an old fashioned paper guy and works best when he can see all his paperwork organized into piles. Before this office renovation his paperwork piles were most often spread out across his kitchen counter.

In 2017, I was hired to develop a design and manage the renovation of a new office and patient meeting space for him. To make this "perfect office" renovation happen I needed to increase my understanding of every aspect of how he envisioned using this new space. I began with a detailed interview I've developed.

The interview was fun and informative.  I learned he wanted it to be "really cool" which is why he came to me. Apparently, I am known as "the cool interior designer."  Industrial modern design pieces are one of my specialties, He loved some of the Industrial type solutions I had the opportunity to create for other clients'.  I also learned alot about his working style and  flow.  Also, his desire to be very efficient and eliminate his work spredding out into the rest of the home.

To meet his goals, I developed an Interior Design Plan creating 2 distinct spaces. One would be a private space. I designed it just for him to do for research, writing, planning and organizing. The other will be as a public space great for meetings and informal get togethers with guests or patients. I named these spaces "The Staging Room" and "The Sitting Room"

The Office Staging Room

In the staging room I designed small cubbies to control the different project piles. The cubby sizes were based on the sizes the client and I decided on. To add interest to the cubbies, I made the bottoms of the shelves very thin metal and the upright supports thick reclaimed slightly sanded raw wood. The tower ends flanking the cubbies have thin metal upright supports and thick wood shelves. These are all custom made for this space by  one of my artists from Pennsylvania who has amazing artistic and engineering skills.

One wall is papered with a cement texture and a graffiti look definitely stengthens the industrial look and feel. I designed the desk and other cabinets to fit the clients needs for work surfaces and storage and industrial modern coolness. I sourced a low profile, super comfortable, swivel chair with a pop of his favorite color. It also takes up minimal amount of space.

The office attaches to the sitting room and  main house through a hallway.  I commissioned a custom made, galvanized steel pocket door which opens into the hallway. It can be locked off to secure the office. The hallway ends with another galvanized door. I also commisioned this to be made using reclaimed, rusted galvanized material and rivets. The window in the door is old chicken wire glass. The hardware used for this was is substantial bronze Rocky Mountain hardware. It looks great and assures a secure locking system.

The Office Sitting Room

To see the connected "Sitting Room " please check it out my "Living Room - Dining Room" section It's the Home Office Sitting Room