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SKU: Industrial Modern Living Room Home Office Living Room
Home Office Living Room
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  • SKU: Industrial Modern Living Room Home Office Living Room

Industrial Modern Sitting Room

This is the sitting room half of the Doctor's home office project I designed and installed. The room is meant to be multi-purpose

  • A comfortable living room
  • A patient's exam and  meeting room
  • A TV room
  • A cool hang out for friends

The client is super into industrial modern design and flawless hardware. I found many cool items to incorporate through several of  my artists and industrial salvage connections. Some remarkable features were incorporated:

  • Repurposed industrial warehouse elevator doors, some with hand written floor numbers scrawled on them,
  • Salvaged hardware from a closed mill which one of my artists meticulously reworked to run smooth as silk.
  • A live edge desk supported by salvaged I beams. I designed it with industrial casters. The client can roll it into the center of the room if a buffet or conference table is needed. Day to day, it is positioned against the wall as a handsome desk
  • A patchwork metal door which opens like a vault to reveal an amazing beer collection.
  • Salvaged barnboard trim frames the doors, windows and heat registers.
  • Metal screening is also used to cover the heat registers.
  • I also commisioned an industrial modern style I beam coffee table and a salvaged floor plank pattern end table.

At first entering the sitting room, the look and feel is a substantial, stylish and relaxing. The unusual materials and furnishings flow together smoothly. Only after you have settled in a bit will you become aware of the many unique details.

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