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SKU: 384201 Cherish Family Lazy Susan
Cherish Family Lazy Susan
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  • SKU: 384201 Cherish Family Lazy Susan

  • $595.00
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Sticks Handmade | Cherish Family Lazy Susan
Cherish Family, Eat Good Food and Share, Smell the Flowers, Believe in You, Look Up, Wonder, Follow Your Heart, Explore Nature, Grow a Garden
This lazy susan is sure to become a stand out piece for your kitchen or dining room. Painted and stained in beautiful reds, browns, greens, blues, and pinks, it is complimentary to almost any space. A sun is at the center and it is surrounded by eight different icons in triangle cut outs. There is a tree, an A-frame house, a pear, a pink flower, a hand with a heart in its palm, scene of a lake at sunset, a heart with wings, a bumblebee, daisy, white & black checkered arrow, and a little green leaf. 

Made to be used and loved, each piece is handmade with you in mind. 
  • Measures 20", 24" and 28"
  • Hand drawn, etched, stained and painted by our popular Sticks artists
  • Clean with soap, water and a soft cloth
  • Made to order, so please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery
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