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SKU: 045060 Wanderland (with resin)
Wanderland (with resin)
Purchase Wanderland (with resin)
  • SKU: 045060 Wanderland (with resin)

  • $595.00
Katie O'Rourke | Wanderland (with resin)

Katie O’Rourke’s Wanderland paintings differ slightly from her Guardian series. This piece has a resin coating for a glossy finish, and more subtle touches of red and purple with her green and blue colorways. A white swirl draws your eye through the birches to the moon, and the bottom edge is accentuated by black dots. It’s a great piece to bring the outdoors into any living space, dining area or your home yoga studio.

Inspired by the elegance of birch trees, Wanderland from Katie O’Rourke depicts ethereal moonlit scenes. This piece was created using an acrylic pour technique; acrylic pouring is a technique in which the artist pours an acrylic paint directly onto their canvas, this creates an organic design where the paint naturally decides how the piece will flow. Katie paints a base layer, then creates the acrylic pour and lets it set 24-48 hours before hand painting the trees and moon and adding a final coat of resin. The abstract aesthetic of this piece is sure to capture attention wherever it’s displayed.

  • 24x18x1.5
  • Archival quality paints on a wood panel, ready to hang with hardware provided
  • Resin coated for a glossy finish