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SKU: 945325 Emptying The Sky

Emptying The Sky
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  • SKU: 945325 Emptying The Sky

  • $425.00
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William Hays | Emptying the Sky

Emptying The Sky by William H. Hays is a 7-color linoleum block print from an edition of 100. 

Hays says about this print, "This print was inspired by an oil painting I did in 2004 of the same name. The linocut version of the composition is quite different. From above, I wanted to create rolling hills of the landscape awash in the golden glow of evening as the river captures the reflection of the sky above, emptying its last rays of light."
  • Measures: Print 17"h x 11"w; Framed 26"h x 20"w; Unframed 24"h x 18"w