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SKU: HAY_050 Coastline Nocturne - Last in Series 50/100
Coastline Nocturne - Last in Series 50/100
Purchase Coastline Nocturne - Last in Series 50/100
  • SKU: HAY_050 Coastline Nocturne - Last in Series 50/100

  • $495.00

William Hays | Coastal Nocturne - Last in Series 50/100 

Order soon! We have framed print number 50 and it’s the last one available.

Coastline Nocturne by William H. Hays is a 5-color, 12x9 linoleum block, linocut print from an edition of 100. 

A peaceful scene, the star-spattered sky and a quiet lakeside create a feeling of great calm. This piece has great detail, the shining lights of a coastal home reflect off the still waters of the lake and the blades of grass along the coastline seem to be drifting in the wind.This piece could be hung in a bedroom, office, or any space that could use a bit of extra tranquility.

“This print is inspired by my years along the coast of Maine and Nova Scotia. Nocturnes are some of my favorite prints to create and in this one I attempted to capture the experience of a still, starlit night on the coast. Being away from cities, the vast star fields of the Milky Way bejewel the sky and provide the quiet contrast of the still scene beneath. The dock, the fishing shack and the cabin are built directly on the weathered granite shoreline with just a glimmer of light in the window to tell you someone is here.” ~ William Hays

This archival print in the edition is an original work of art and there are slight variations from one print to the next. 

  • 22x18 Framed 
  • Hand printed on 100% rag paper using time-tested, oil-based inks that are gorgeous and rich in color; 1.25”w reddish-brown toned semi-glossy ready to hang wooden frame
  • Signed, numbered, and titled by the artist