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Cutting Boards

Handcrafted wood and riverstone cutting boards for everyday use and special occasions.

Handcrafted wood cutting boards provided by our friends at Natural OliveWood & Treestump Woodcraft

Natural OliveWood

Natural OliveWood is a family-owned business that handcrafts kitchenware from non-productive olive trees. All natural and coated with only olive oil. Olive wood is a hard wood making if very dense and durable for everyday use. Olive wood is nonporous, germs and odors are not retained. All Natural OliveWood products are from Tunisa and are made from a single piece of wood. No two pieces are alike.

Treestump Woodcraft

The artists at Treestump have been handcrafting wooden kitchen utensils, breadboards and furniture for over 25 years. Working with sustainable domestic hardwoods, specifically Mesquite, Cherry and Black Walnut as well as turquoise, malachite, river rock and other stones. Treestump utilizes the natural imperfections of their wood to create uniquely beautiful pieces.

Caring for Your Wooden Kitchen Accessories

Never put any wooden kitchen accessories in your dishwasher- they will get dried out and splinter! Always hand wash your wooden kitchen accessories in warm soapy water. Do not soak the wood, but rather give a quick rinse and then let air dry. After often use or storage over a long period of time you may see that your wooden kitchen accessories are beginning to dry. Wipe your pieces with cooking oil or mineral oil. This should return them to their original luster and shine.