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SKU: Web_100 Angel Pocket Charms
Angel Pocket Charms
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  • SKU: Web_100 Angel Pocket Charms

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Angel Pocket Charms

Pewter pocket angels are an affordable and inspirational gift. If you keep a few in your pocket or purse to give away, you'll be warmly surprised at how much joy they can bring. They also make wonderful inserts in invitations or thank you notes.

You can select Angel Pocket Charms with or without words on the back. If your order them with, you'll receive a random variety with these uplifting words engraved on the back of each: courage, faith, hope, love or peace.

As good luck and healing charms, angels have a long history. The angel coin seems to have originated in France around 1340. It was a gold coin called the "ange".  In 1465 England began minting angel coins. This English angel coin had a representation of St. Michael and the dragon. It was said to cure immune system diseases. In in 1642, England stopped making it.  But many people still wanted them for their healing properties. So angel charms were made using a base metal like pewter.  When someone wanted a cure for certain types of illness, they might be given one of these charms which became known as "touch-pieces." 

  • Material: handcrafted American pewter
  • Measures: 1 x 7/8"; Our angels are quarter size tokens made from solid pewter. They look and feel like antique silver. (A quarter has an actual diameter of 0.955 inches, not quite 1/10 of an inch thicker in case you are wondering.)
  • The pewter feels warm and smooth, these clovers will make you smile whenever you touch them
  • They will transfer that smile to anyone who receives one
  • Do you keep a variety of greeting cards on hand? Get enough pewter pocket clover tokens to put one in each. They are thin enough to put in wedding invitations or added to any greeting card.

Let us know how they work for you!