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SKU: 755671 Eye-on-Ball Teleidoscope
Eye-on-Ball Teleidoscope
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  • SKU: 755671 Eye-on-Ball Teleidoscope

  • $49.95
  • Bat Stand:  
A baseball with a teleidoscope inside it! Sitting on a stand made of miniature baseball bats. But what is a teleidoscope?

Definition: A teleidoscope is a type of kaleidoscope. It differs from a kaleidoscope because it does not have any bits or pieces of material inside it. Instead, it is used to look outward at any object the user chooses.

It is amazing what beauty you can create from any object with it! Faces, fingers, jewelry any natural or colorful object will bring great sometimes inspiring results. Kaleidoscope artist David Kalish uses a regulation (3 inch diameter) baseball to make "Eye on the Ball." I don't recommend throwing it, but this has to be the most rugged kaleidoscope we have at Stowe Craft. It's a great gift for a baseball lover of any age. It includes both the Baseball Teleidoscope and the separate Brass Bat stand you see pictured. Together the set is 7.25 inches tall.